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Many wins in early 2014!!


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Jim Geese


One of ours !! Great Job Guys !!  Congratulations to all of the TEAM ProTorque Racers at the Qatar Racing Club. Including Jassim for his ADRL Round #3 Event win in Super Street with John Carters old Proline equipped Outlaw Drag Radial car. Not bad for a win the first time out for this car over in QATAR.

Do you remember this car? This was John Carter's PLR 670-powered Outlaw 10.5 Corvette. Now, this is the Crisafulli Brothers new Outlaw Drag Radial Covette. Slapping on radial tires and removing the wheelie bars from Outlaw 10.5 cars seems to be a normal practice these days, and in many cases, an effective way to jump into the Outlaw Radial ranks. Either way, the Crisafulli Brothers have a badass ride for sure!

They brought the Vette down to the U.S. Street Nationals in Bradenton to see what their machine was capable of, and they were not let down! Steve Crisafulli ran a 4.33@191mph to take the #1 qualifier spot, low E.T. of the event, and high MPH of the event! He made it all the way to the semifinals where he lost in an extremely close, side-by-side race against Frank Menshaw (4.436 to a 4.437!)

TEAM ProTorque has been doing very well over in QATAR and took every single 10.5 win so far including a win for Turky in the old Dan Millen's old Mustang. This Proline equipped car has been a serious player since its trip over to QATAR. This last race no exception taking the win in an all TEAM ProTorque final and ran a 4.16 at 190 mph

The Fiscus/Klugger Team got it done at The US Nationals in Bradenton Florida, taking the win in Outlaw ProMod

R2B2 Race Cars to debut new A-Cim2.7 Chassis design at the PRI Show in Indianapolis!

November 25, 2013

awrenceville, GA – R2B2 Race Cars, known for building safe, record-breaking race cars will be exhibiting once again at the Performance Racing Industry Show (PRI), December 12 thru December 14, 2013 in Indianapolis, IN.  

Two chassis designs will be on display in their Booth #3359.  In additional to a Pro Mod Dual Frame Rail Chassis, R2B2 Race Cars will debut their new A-Cim2.7 Chassis design, a lighter, safer and stronger chassis design! 

“We wanted to make the best chassis design even better!  This took a lot of thought and planning because we only changed what we knew would Increase Performance and Improve Safety Dramatically,” said Jim Geese, Lead Designer and Chassis Shop Manager.


The new R2B2 Race Cars’ A-Cim2.7 Chassis, designed by Jim Geese and Don Carey, boasts the following performance gains:

• The bare chassis is 48 lbs. lighter than the Lightweight Dual Frame Rail Chassis
 • Weight distribution design
 • Torsional load technology
 • Design makes accessing transmission easier
 • The majority of the weight loss is to the right of center

n addition to increased performance, a driver’s safety is improved:
 • Smaller cabin for increased strength and safety
 • Cowl bar does not interrupt the windshield bar
 • Windshield bar is one-piece from main hoop to the floor
 • The main impact area is not a three-piece union at cowl bar
 • True 6-point Funny Car cage
 • Driver sits correctly and SFI legal within the Funny Car cage
 • Crumple zone entire right hand side of car
 • Crumple zone entire back of car
 • Crumple zone entire front of car
 • Crumple zone means less G-force impact on the driver because the chassis absorbs the majority of the impact

R2B2 Race Cars will also have a Pro Mod Dual Frame Rail Chrome Moly Lightweight Chassis set up for the Titanium Removable Body system on display.  This chassis style is built with the necessary hardware needed for the Titanium Removable Body system, making servicing the race car much easier.  Some of the parts installed on this chassis will be Santhuff Struts, Stiletto Rack and Pinion, lightweight steering column, titanium quick-slip design driveshaft enclosure, 11” Mark Williams Rear, Penske Pro Mod Shocks, Pro Mod adjustable 4-Link system, X-Link locator, titanium pedals, titanium handbrake, anti-roll system and much more.

Stop by this unique booth setup where you can compare both chassis designs.  You’ll be able to speak with the innovators of the new A-Cim2.7 Chassis design, Jim Geese and Don Carey.  They are eager to share the benefits of this new sleeker chassis design and answer your questions.

R2B2 Race Cars is also offering 15% off of ANY welded chassis and chassis kits if you place your order during the show.  That’s over $1,200 off of a Welded Dual Frame Rail Chassis and over $1,500 off of the new A-Cim2.7 Chassis, both on display at the show!  Take advantage of this trade show special and speak to one of the R2B2 Race Cars’ staff members at the booth to discuss your order.  Deposit is required by December 31, 2013.

In addition to the welded chassis, R2B2 Race Cars will have various racing parts, brackets, tabs, and kits on display.  Pick up a copy of their catalog or a copy of one of their predetermined car package sheets available for Pro Mod, Top Sportsman and Pro Stock builds. 

R2B2 Race Cars will be at BOOTH #3359 or you can go to their website for more information on chassis, kits and racing components. 

o learn more about our PRI Show exhibit, contact:
Jim Geese
Lead Designer/Chassis Shop Manager
R2B2 Race Cars LLC
880 Cripple Creek Drive
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Toll Free  (855) 261-0485
Ph  (770) 277-0485



Troy Coughlin Wins SCSN Vegas Two years in a row!!
Troy Coughlin continues to improve with every run. In his Q3 pass, he ran 5.73@257mph! The Corvette will be hard to beat!!/photo.php?v=621487091242114&set=vb.116026521779931&type=2&theater


RIDE WITH: Troy Coughlin Outlaw Pro Mods Cockpit #SCSN9 11/17/13

VIDEO: Take a cockpit RIDE WITH Troy Coughlin during Elimination Round 1 of the Outlaw Pro Mods at Street Car Super Nationals in Las Vegas, NV on 11/17/13.!/photo.php?v=10151780987322196

4.07@184 for Josh Klugger WITH THE CHUTES OUT!!

This was an interesting pass for Fiscus/Klugger Racing. Apparently the chutes decided after a few passes to wiggle themselves loose. Still managed to go a 1.00 60' and 4.07@184. WITH THE CHUTE OPEN!!

Fiscus Klugger Racing at the Big Go - Pro Line Racing

Kevin Fiscus, of Fiscus/Klugger Racing, made his NHRA debut last weekend at the US Nationals in Indianapolis! In the process, he qualified #4 with a 6.00@243mph! In fact, out of 7 turbos cars, Fiscus and Troy Coughlin were the only two to qualify!In round 1 of eliminations, Fiscus made his first ever 5 second pass with a 5.97@240mph to move on to the next round! In the second round, Fiscus met with the 2012 World Champion and fellow PLR-powered racer, Troy Coughlin. Coughlin took the win with a 6.04@243mph to Fiscus’ 6.21@240mph.

There performance in the US Nationals has shown us that Fiscus/Klugger Racing will be a hard team to beat this year! Congrats to Kevin, Josh, Brandon, and the whole crew!

Troy Coughlin Wins NHRA Finale in Vegas

Last year at the NHRA finale in Las Vegas, Troy Coughlin took a giant leap into the history books. He won a wally and secured his points championship in NHRA Pro Mod. This year promised to be very similar.

Coughlin recently switched his engine to the new PLR 481X STAGE 3, featuring the latest AJPE Stage 3 Billet Cylinder Heads!

Here is a summary of his passes over the weekend:

#2 Qualifier 5.922@245.99mph
1st round 5.918@245.72mph
2nd round 5.889@246.75mph
3rd round 5.902@247.29mph
Final 5.913@248.34mph WINNER



This victory meant a lot to Coughlin; low ET 3 out of 4 rounds of eliminations, back to back wins at NHRA Vegas, finished 2nd in points (only 2 rounds out of first place), and the 100th NHRA win for the Coughlin family!

If we can take anything from Coughlin's performance, it would be the fact that consistency wins races! It is a true pleasure working with the team and we look forward to another great season of NHRA Pro Mod! Congrats to Troy, Petty, and the whole crew!

For more check out

Troy Coughlin earns milestone WIN in Las Vegas !

JEGS_TCoughlin_VL-Vegas640   Troy Coughlin

Troy Coughlin picked up his second win of the 2013 season in the NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series at the NHRA Toyota Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The race is the final in 2013 for NHRA’s popular 250-mph doorslammer touring series.

Coughlin, the 2012 world champion in the class, also earned his fourth career NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series victory and the 100th for the Coughlin family in NHRA national events by taking his turbo-powered Chevy Corvette past Danny Rowe in the final round.

It topped off a strong display in eliminations for Coughlin, who finished second in the points standings. After qualifying No. 2 with a 5.922 at 245.99, Coughlin claimed a victory in the first round over Dan Stevenson by going 5.918 at 245.72 on Saturday. Coughlin’s Sunday started with a bye run and weekend-best pass of 5.889 at 246.75 to move into the semifinals, where he knocked off Mike Knowles before taking on Rowe.

As soon as Coughlin won he dedicated the Wally trophy to his younger brother Jeg Coughlin Jr. The Vegas win was the 100th for the Coughlin family in NHRA national events, with Jeg earning 72 of that total.

“I thought about it for a long time,” Coughlin said. “We’ve all raced about the same amount of years, and every now and then, someone asks, ‘Which one of you guys is the better driver?’ I said, ‘You’ll have to let the trophies speak for themselves because Jeg’s got a ton of them. The rest of us have a good amount, but he’s got quite a bit.”

Troy signed the base of the trophy with, “To Jeg: You’ve paved the way to the 100th. This one’s for you. Love, Troy.”

“I handed it to him down at the finish line,” Coughlin said. “It’s pretty neat. It’s a proud moment for the family, and to be able to dedicate this to him, there’s nothing better.”

Jeg Coughlin had just lost in the semifinals of Pro Stock, but watching his older brother blitzing Danny Rowe in the Pro Mod final put a wide smile on Jeg’s face.

“I had just gotten beat by V Gaines in the semifinals, and I was making my pass in front of the stands,” Jeg Coughlin said. “We’ve had such a fantastic crowd here all weekend. I saw Troy leave, and I said, ‘Please get down, please get down,’ because it looked like he tattooed (Rowe)on the Tree. He came screaming by us for a commanding win.

“That’s pretty special. Not many teams in any form of motorsports can say they won 100 major titles. To my entire family: Congratulations. It’s been a lot of fun getting to those 100, and we’re going to celebrate this 100th shortly.”

The Coughlin family, including John, Troy, Mike, Jeg Jr., and Troy Jr., has combined for 100 NHRA national event victories since 1990. The Coughlins have won in nine different categories, including Pro Stock, Pro Stock Truck, Pro Mod, Comp, Super Stock, Super Comp, Super Gas, Top Sportsman and Top Dragster.

Troy now has seven national-event victories, including two this season. His victory Sunday moved him to second in the final points standings a season after winning the Pro Mod championship.

“What a milestone for any team,” Coughlin said. “I couldn’t be any more proud to be a part of our team and our family. To win the 100th race – and to do it at the last race of the season – it’s the icing on the cake.”

Troy Coughlin

Coughlin was thankful for his team, his family and all the JEGS employees in what was a shining moment in his career.

“What can I say about (crew chief) Steve Petty; Brian Metzenheim; Mike Rees; Kyle Pettus; my wife Julie; my dad; my kids T.J., Meghan, Paige and Kelly; the whole family back at home – what can I say when you’ve got a support group like that who stands behind you,” Coughlin said. “And all 400 folks back at sticking behind you, it’s pretty awesome. They make it easy for us, that’s for sure.”

Coughlin came to Las Vegas fifth in the points after a bit of an up-and-down season. He’s raced to four final rounds but also failed to qualify in Charlotte last month and lost in the first round three times.

But a recent test at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park proved fruitful for Coughlin and the team, as they were the fastest car in Vegas from the final qualifying session on.

“We had a fantastic season, no doubt,” Coughlin said. “It was kind of roller-coaster, but Steve and those guys worked on this thing in testing in Tulsa, Okla. What a great place to test, and they just kept working difference pieces and parts and got it to where it would repeat and be fast. We just kept picking on the tuneup. What can I say about Petty? He’s the man.”

Coughlin was quickest in three of the four rounds of eliminations in Vegas. He had a bye in the second round Sunday, but still made a solid pass to advance to the semifinals. There, he and Mike Knowles had identical reaction times, but Coughlin’s run of 5.902 seconds at 247.29 mph overpowered Knowles’ 5.938-second pass at 243.85 mph.

Troy Coughlin and Danny Rowe (far lane)

Against Rowe, Coughlin had a stellar .047-second reaction time to get an .056-second jump, and then ran 5.913 seconds at 248.34 mph to take down Rowe and his supercharged Agave Underground Tequila Camaro, which posted 5.975 at 242.63 mph.

“I couldn’t tell you who staged first or who staged second,” Coughlin said. “When you’re in the zone, you’re in the zone. We just need to stay there.”

Unfortunately for Coughlin, he’ll have to wait until 2014 for the next NHRA event, in Gainesville, Fla.

“I wish it was next weekend,” Coughlin said. “We could shove it in the trailer and take it straight to Florida. We’ve got a PSCA race here (Las Vegas) in a couple weeks, and it should be pretty cool. It’s a pretty big payday, so it should be exciting.”

(Photos courtesy NHRA/National Dragster; JEGS/Kommel; Click to enlarge)

Congrats to Fiscus/Klugger Racing!

Set New Record in NMCA PRO STREET with a 5:89 In Their R2B2 Race Cars Built TT/PM Mustang !


R2B2 Race Cars Built TT/PM Mustang of Fiscus and Klugger doing what they do!

Kevin Fiscus 5.89@247 at NMCA Indy!!!
In the first round of NMCA qualifying last night for Kooks Custom Headers Pro Street, Kevin Fiscus of Fiscus/Klugger Racing blasted to a
5.895@247.88 mph, which is the quickest run in NMCA Kooks Custom Headers Pro Street history!!!/photo.php?v=688997161112209&set=vb.412183895525291&type=2&theater 


Norman Williams ... To The Finals !! In one of our Top Sportsman Cars !


Free Delivery to Norwalk Race!


R2B2 Race Cars will unveil a new Chassis Design at PRI 2013 in Indianapolis!


Visit R2B2 Race Cars at the 2013 PRI Show in Indianapolis from December 12 to 14th.   We're located in the Yellow Hall in booth #3359

Stop by and see our New A-Cim2.7 Chassis Design on display.    Sign up to win our raffle prize, order your parts and save with our show specials or pick up one of our new t-shirt designs.  Contact Jim Geese toll free at 855-261-0485 for more information!

R2B2 Race Cars Contingency Program


R2B2 Race Cars will pay our customers who "wear our decals"!   Pays on win or runner-up!  
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Coughlin Races to Semi-Finals at the US Nationals

INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 2) – Pro Mod driver Troy Coughlin's 2013 season has been hot or cold, as he's reached three final rounds – winning once – while falling in the first round three times.

But the U.S. Nationals on Monday at Lucas Oil Raceway were lukewarm, as Coughlin raced to the semifinals before dropping a fierce race to Rickie Smith.

"It's definitely good," Coughlin said. "It's nice to get past the first round and go some rounds. The car is running pretty damn good."

Coughlin, crew chief Steve Petty and the team stepped up when they needed to in Indy, posting their best elapsed time in eliminations. Coughlin, the No. 12 qualifier, beat Tim Tindle in the first round on Sunday with a pass of 5.977 seconds at 244.43 mph.

That put him up against Kevin Fiscus for Round 2 on Monday, and though the turbocharged Corvette didn't make a perfect run, it was more than good enough. Coughlin's pass was 6.043 seconds at 243.63 and took down Fiscus' 6.218-second run at 240.08 mph.

"We put a conservative, 5.97-, 5.98-type of a tune-up in it," said Coughlin, who remained second in the points standings. "It got a little bit loose probably 300 feet or so and started skating toward the centerline a little bit. We backed it down just a little bit to try to get it back in the groove so we could stand on it again. It ran 6.04, 243, and I was like, 'Wow, it's definitely got a lot of steam.'"

He proved that in the semifinals against Smith, the No. 1 qualifier. Coughlin's run was 5.951 seconds at 247.02 mph, and he nearly overcame Smith's early lead out of the gate. Smith, though, made a pass of 5.948 seconds at 240.72 mph to get the win by .024 seconds, or about 9 feet.

"Both of us made a fantastic run that session," Coughlin said. "I think it was the fastest two runs of the whole race. But we'll just have to dig a little harder, from a driving standpoint and everything and try to get her to go.

"Rickie's doing a good job. He's leading the points and picked up a couple more rounds. It’s not near over, but it was his day today."

Coughlin, though, knows he had a pretty good day, too, as he shaved two-tenths of a second off his first pass of the weekend.

"As a team, we did a good job," said Coughlin, the 2012 Pro Mod champion. "We added some points. From Friday to Monday, we made a big improvement."

Thanks to

Fiscus' First 5 second pass and First NHRA Round Win in Indy!

Congratulations Kevin Fiscus!!
Watch the video!!/photo.php?v=532805516773310

Pro Mod Champ Coughlin heads to NMCA race to test

NORWALK, Ohio (Aug. 23) – In preparation for next week's Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals and the remaining races on the NHRA Pro Mod schedule, driver Troy Coughlin will race his Corvette in the NMCA Muscle Car Nationals this weekend in Norwalk.

Coughlin sits second in the Pro Mod points standings with four races remaining as he tries to defend his 2012 championship. This weekend he hopes to perfect his tune-up in anticipation of a strong stretch run in NHRA.

"It's an important time of the year," Coughlin said. "We've only got a few races left in the championship and the next race is the biggest one of them all so we wanted to make sure we had this Corvette ready to go."

Coughlin hasn't raced since July 4 weekend, also at Norwalk, when he qualified No. 3 but stumbled in the first round. 

"It's been a long summer break for me," Coughlin said. "I'm anxious to drive again. We certainly haven't been sitting around. The guys at Pro Line have been hard at it trying to make us better. We've got a new suspension, and the motor has been worked on to try and make us more competitive."

Coughlin has one victory and two other final-round appearances in six Pro Mod races this season, but he'd like some more consistency out of the Corvette, and crew chief Steve Petty and the team have worked to improve the car's aerodynamics.

"We want the car to get through the air a little better," Coughlin said. "The Camaro was so slick and we want the Vette to be as close to that as possible. It would be awesome to go to a wind tunnel but since we don't have that resource the next best thing to do is test. They changed the air induction chutes on the hood to try and get more air in there, so we're also curious to see how that works out."

Coughlin is no stranger to the NMCA, having won the NMCA Pro Street world title in 2009. Winning this weekend's race would be nice, but Coughlin and the team have other priorities.

"I'm excited to see everyone up there," Coughlin said. "I haven't raced NMCA since I won the championship with them. Of course, the competitor in me wants to race this event and that's kind of the loose plan for the weekend, but if Steve says we need to change something up and test it, then that will take precedence."!/2013/08/pro-mod-champ-coughlin-heads-to-nmca.html

All-in Again!! For aspiring Eastern Canadian Pro Mod racer Derek Hawker — necessity is breeding opportunity…

Earlier this season during the Victoria Day weekend event at Cayuga, the PMRA circuit regular had some misfortune. During a qualifying lap for that event Hawker experienced some issues during an ill fated run and ultimately collected the guard wall at high speed severely damaging the popular ’63 Corvette he has raced for about five years.

For the independent and self-funded racer that was a serious setback for sure — but instead of crying in his coffee Hawker decided to pick his program back up quickly and in fact attended the very next PMRA event driving a new car — a ’68 Firebird.

“I got talking with Jim Geese at R2B2 Race Cars and he let me know about a good car that was available,” Hawker explained. “It was a car that was originally built by Vanishing Point for Scotty Cannon Sr about 2008. The car actually went to Qatar one winter where it was raced before coming back to North America where it sat for quite a while. So we went to Illinois and picked it up from Jerry Bickel’s shop — all of that happened in only a few days.”

Derek and his team then went to work transferring their drivetrain which includes a 526 CID engine program by Atchison Machine into the frame rails of the new Firebird, and were back on the PMRA circuit much sooner then some people expected.

“The new car drives really nice,” he added. “The vision from it is taking a little getting used to because of the drivers position and the windows are down about 10% compared to my Corvette. We’ve still got a few bugs to work out but we are making some good progress.”

Hawker also confirmed that his Corvette is repairable and he is making plans to complete that project this coming off season.

“It’s very fixable — all it really needs is a new front end,” he confirmed. “We’ll get all that done this winter and then the plan will be to see which car is the better car for going forward in 2014.”

Despite the rather rough road so far in 2013, Derek does sit 4th in PMRA championship points going into this weekend’s event at Grand Bend Motorplex — a testament to his determination.

Posting and Photos by: Bruce Biegler

Kevin Fiscus goes 240 mph in his new R2B2 Race Cars-built Twin Turbo ProLine powered Pro Mod Mustang
and takes it to the Finals on his first time out at NMCA in Joliet, MI!

Congratulations to the Fiscus/Klugger Racing Team!!!/photo.php?v=10151548508925945

Derrick Hawker goes to Final his first time in his '68 Firebird Pro Mod at Canada PMRA event.

Congratulations Derrick!

Fiscus/Klugger Racing to Join Mustang Pro Mod Ranks in R2B2 Race Cars-built Mustang!
The new addition to Fiscus/Klugger Racing is this 2012 Mustang Pro Mod built by R2B2 Race Cars. This Mustang has four NHRA event wins including the 2011 Indy Nats while driven by Eric Dillard.

We got an email from Drag Radial racer Kevin Fiscus the other day with some big news for Fiscus/Klugger Racing. We know Kevin has been talking about running Pro Modified and after selling their current Drag radial car. Recently, the opportunity came up to purchase a 2012 Mustang out of R2B2 Race Cars shop. Don’t worry though, the team will still be solidly in the Drag Radial scene with their soon to be completed Mustang from Racecraft Inc.

As schedule allows, the team will run both cars at select events – like the ADRL and some Outlaw events where both Pro Modified and Drag Radial are offered. As we write this Kevin and Josh are headed to Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL for the 8th annual Nitto Tires NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl to get some testing under their belts with the new car. Running Pro Modified is a step up and the team looks forward to the challenge and the opportunity to expand their racing career.

“Fiscus / Klugger Racing is excited to step up and try our hands at ProMod racing but we are still equally excited about our new Racecraft Inc. Mustang which will run in Outlaw Drag Radial. The ProMod will be an entirely new ball game for us but with the continued support from the great companies that have brought us this far we have high hopes for our ProMod program”, said Kevin Fiscus. Current plans include running the ADRL in Memphis and if all goes well NHRA Indy. After that they will run NHRA, NMCA, ADRL and XDRL where schedule permits. I would also look for them at Orlando for the 20th running of the Orlando World Street Nationals November 6th -10th this year.

The Mustang is powered by a Proline 481X Engine with Precision Promod Gen II 88 Turbos providing
the boost. A Pro Torque Converter transfers the torque to a Proformance Racing Transmission
Turbo 400 transmission. Other sponsors include Menscer Motorsports (AFCO Canister Shocks),
Mickey Thompson Tires, TurboSmart, Big Stuff 3 and PTC.

by Rob Cossack on July 11, 2013

JEGS goes to Finals in Bristol!   First in Points!
THE OLD STOMPING GROUNDS - Rickie Smith made it back-to-back wins at Bristol Dragway, beating Troy Coughlin on a holeshot on Sunday in the finals of the NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series at the 13th annual Ford NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals presented by Tri-Cities Area Ford Dealers. The race is the fifth of 10 races in 2013 for NHRA’s popular 250-mph doorslammer touring series.

After winning at legendary Thunder Valley in 2012, the King, N.C. native held off a hard-charging Coughlin, the 2012 NHRA Pro Mod Series world champ, in the final, running a 5.991 at 240.47 mph in his IDG Chevy Camaro to claim his second straight victory in Bristol. Coughlin ran a quicker 5.984 at 246.26 in his Corvette, but Smith’s better .061 reaction time sent him to the win, his first in the 2013 season.

“This has been a good track to us over the years and it’s a great deal to win here,” said Smith, whose name is listed on the Legends of Thunder Valley at the track. “We’ve been blessed here and to go out and win every now and then, it’s just a major accomplishment for us.

“We had a rough weekend and we were just trying to save the engine each round, but we’re glad and just so happy to get this win.”

After winning his first-round matchup against Chris Juliano on Saturday, Smith, who qualified second, started Sunday with a second round victory against Pete Farber, going 5.994 at 240.38. In the semifinals, Smith faced off against Robert Patrick and his Ford Mustang, powering to a 6.418 at 169.23 to advance to the finals.

With the victory, Smith also jumped to second in the points standings at the halfway mark of the season. By advancing to the finals, Coughlin, who knocked off Mike Janis and No. 1 qualifier Danny Rowe to reach the championship round, took over the points lead from the Summit Racing Equipment team of Kenny Lang. Lang dropped to third with a second-round exit.

The next NHRA Pro Mod Series race takes place on July 4-7 at the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

Pepe Loco is back with a NEW R2B2 Race Cars-built '04 Pro Import Celica!
Click here for video           Orlando Speed World Dragway, Saturday June 8, 2013

Runner-up finish for Pro Mod champ Coughlin has JEGS team pumped up

ENGLISHTOWN, NJ - Troy Coughlin and his Chevrolet reached the Pro Mod final round of the Toyota NHRA Summernationals at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park for the second year in a row, but the reigning world champion again came up just short.

A year ago, Coughlin finished runner-up to Danny Rowe. This season, Coughlin charged all the way to the finals before falling to Mike Janis.

"I can't complain," Coughlin said. "Our stuff is running pretty good and we are going rounds and having fun. We were just trying to get the boost up as fast as we can and get the motor to accelerate in the hot air. It was just a bit more of a challenge. Steve (Petty, crew chief) and the guys did a good job. We got to the finals and made good headway."

Coughlin has now reached the final round two times in the last four races, following his victory in Charlotte. On a hot track this weekend, he made four consistent passes in eliminations but fell .0334 seconds short in the final round.

"We are excited about it," Coughlin said. "We wanted to win the race, obviously, but we came in here and made some decent runs. It was not as fast as we thought it would be, but we just kept picking at the tune up trying to get the car to run faster. Things were starting to come together the last couple rounds.

"The last round we just got maybe a little too aggressive, but you have to be fast to beat those guys."

After taking out Harold Martin in the first round Saturday, Coughlin made his best pass of the weekend in the second round on Sunday. His run of 6.005 seconds at 242.76 mph knocked out Mike Castellana, who slowed with a pass of 11.341 seconds at 80.35 mph.

Coughlin then had a run of 6.019 seconds at 243.99 mph to beat Rickie Smith's 6.264-second run at 175.57 mph in the semifinals.

Janis and Coughlin had nearly identical reaction times in the final, but Janis was able to earn his first career victory with a pass of 6.035 seconds at 240.51 mph, barely holding off Coughlin's run of 6.060 seconds at 244.12 mph.

"It was a good race," Coughlin said. "I'm pretty happy with that. We moved to second place, so we're gaining ground. It's not too bad."

Coughlin Races to NHRA Pro Mod Series Victory at ZMAX Dragway!
Troy Coughlin raced to the NHRA Pro Mod Series victory Sunday at the Dollar General NHRA Four-Wide Nationals fueled by Full Throttle at zMAX Dragway. The NHRA Pro Mod Series portion of the event was contested in the traditional two-lane configuration.

"Charlotte's such a great place to race," Coughlin said. "The car was rocking and rolling. I've got my family with me, and I couldn't be more excited."

Defending world champion Coughlin powered his Corvette to his third career victory in the popular 250-mph doorslammer touring series with a final round performance of 5.893 seconds at 242.19 mph. Runner-up Kenny Lang trailed Coughlin with a 5.898 at 246.98 in his Summit Racing ’63 Corvette.

"I'm not sure what the reaction times were there in the final, but it was a tight race," Coughlin said. "I could sense that he was there. I could hear that thing humming. But we got him. Thank God. What a day."

To advance to the final round, Coughlin raced past Chip King, Mike Castellana and Mike Knowles in earlier rounds.

"(Crew chief) Steve (Petty) and all the guys did a fabulous job of putting this car together for race day," Coughlin said. "It's been a dream to drive."

With the win, Coughlin moved into second place in the series standings, 19 points behind leader Von Smith. Smith lost in the second round to eventual runner-up Lang.

The NHRA Pro Mod Series continues with the O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA SpringNationals presented by Super Start Batteries, April 26-28 at Royal Purple Raceway near Houston.

Final round-by-round results from the Fourth annual Dollar General NHRA Four-Wide Nationals fueled by Full Throttle at zMax Dragway, the race is the second of 10 events in the NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series. ROUND ONE -- Clint Satterfield, Chevy Camaro, 6.090, 238.68 def. Pete Farber, Dodge Daytona, foul; Von Smith, Camaro, 5.884, 245.67 def. Eric Latino, Camaro, 5.928, 246.80; Troy Coughlin, Chevy Corvette, 5.909, 248.52 def. Chip King, Daytona, 6.015, 249.81; Steve Matusek, Ford Mustang, 5.987, 250.55 def. Mike Janis, Camaro, 7.000, 147.79; Mike Castellana, Camaro, 5.945, 243.06 def. Kevin McCurdy, Camaro, 6.096, 239.53; Rickie Smith, Camaro, 9.215, 100.24 def. Chris Juliano, Mustang, 9.285, 128.38; Kenny Lang, Corvette, 6.401, 173.52 def. Doug Winters, Chevy Bel Air, 7.199, 150.03; Mike Knowles, Camaro, 5.963, 241.67 def. Danny Rowe, Camaro, 10.359, 85.96;

QUARTERFINALS - Matusek, 6.213, 240.12 def. R. Smith, DQ; Knowles, 6.158, 239.70 def. Satterfield, 9.204, 95.58; Coughlin, 5.902, 247.84 def. Castellana, 6.257, 238.76; Lang, 5.951, 245.54 def. V. Smith, 6.107, 227.54;      SEMIFINALS -- Lang, 5.944, 246.17 def. Matusek, 6.936, 153.40; Coughlin, 5.882, 248.25 def. Knowles, 5.967, 247.25;     FINAL -- Coughlin, 5.893, 242.19 def. Lang, 5.898, 246.98.

Point standings (top 10) for NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series following the fourth annual Dollar General NHRA Four-Wide Nationals fueled by Full Throttle at zMax Dragway, the second of 10 events in the series.     1. Von Smith, 175; 2. Troy Coughlin, 156; 3. Kenny Lang, 142; 4. Chip King, 133; 5. Rickie Smith, 120; 6. Pete Farber, 118; 7. Danny Rowe, 105; 8. Mike Castellana, 103; 9. Mike Janis, 95; 10. Clint Satterfield, 94.

Lindberg Bros Motorsports wins 2012 Swedish National Championship!
’68 Firebird Pro Mod Blown Hemi Engine
CCongratulations!  Two-time champions (2010 and 2012) in one of our cars!!

Eric Dillard Wins SCSN Extreme Drag Radial in Vegas!

Eric Dillard ran the fastest pass of the round on Extreme Drag Radial

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JEGS wins SCSN Championship in NEW R2B2 Race Cars-built Car!

The talk all weekend at Street Car Super Nationals VIII at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway was quicker versus faster. Dominican Republic native and 2011 event winner Jose “El General” Gonzalez had broken the doorslammer ET record twice, finishing with a 5.730-second lap on Saturday. Detroit’s Don Walsh Jr., was fast, running in the 261 mph range all weekend. Fans were salivating at the thought of the two finally meeting in the Pro Street finals of the Pacific Street Car Association’s marquee event.

And sitting quietly in the background was 2012 NHRA Pro Mod champion Troy Coughlin.

Coughlin and his Corvette was both quick and fast, but as the racer who qualified third, he was expected to be fodder for one of the two aforementioned drivers. But Walsh went out in the second round and last year’s runner-up Mike Maggio was sent packing in the first round early Sunday morning. Both Coughlin and Gonzalez tore through the ladder, Coughlin running low 80s, El General running mid 70s. So it was no surprise that the two met in the finals to decide the Pro Street title.

Gonzalez, unfortunately, was standing behind Coughlin’s car after breaking a rod on his hot rod in the semi-final round as the yellow and black ‘Vette made a solo pass down the strip for the win.

“We made a lot of good runs this weekend and consistency paid off,” Coughlin said after the event. “They had an issue with Jose’s car when the finished the (semi-final) round and he said he didn’t think he could get it done. We talked for a little bit and he said he just didn’t think he could get it fixed. Definitely glad for our guys. What a deal. What a season!”

Coughlin was impressed that Gonzalez came out to watch the final pass of the night that would put Coughlin in the same Winner’s Circle Gonzalez himself had stood in one year ago. “It was pretty awesome,” Coughlin said. “He’s a really good dude and he’s become a great friend. I’m looking forward to cruising down to the Dominican Republic to go fishing with those guys. It’s going to be a good time!”

“I can’t say enough the respect I have for Jose,” said PSCA President Mel Roth. “It had to be eating him up to have the car he did all week and make it to the finals and not be able to run. For him to come out and watch Troy’s run and be there to congratulate the JEG’s crew, that is the sign of a champion.”

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JEGS New Car gets the Nod!

NEW CAR GETS THE NOD - Although racer Troy Coughlin won the last event on the NHRA Pro Mod Series presented by ProCare Rx and drew to within two rounds of the championship lead, he has elected to make the wildly unusual decision to switch to a new racecar for this weekend's season-ending 12th annual Big O Tires NHRA Nationals.

"The response has been the same across the board," Coughlin said. "Everyone thinks we're crazy.

"My response is pretty simple; I've driven both cars and the Corvette is better, period. All you have to do is look at the in-car camera of the old car, the '68 Camaro, and it's easy to see it was an accident looking for a place to happen. I learned how to drive it throughout the course of the season, but it was always a handful. This 2013 Z06 Corvette, on the other hand, is the smoothest racecar I've ever driven. To me, the choice was easy."

No matter which hot rod he's piloting, Coughlin has a golden opportunity to drastically affect the finish of this year's thrilling title chase. Currently, Mike Castellana is in the catbird seat with a 41-point edge over second-place Rickie Smith and a 42-point advantage over Coughlin. Lurking in fourth and fifth place are Don Walsh (-57 from lead) and Danny Rowe (-60).

A handful of bonus points are available in qualifying, but bigger gains can be made in eliminations where each round is worth 20 points.

"We have a great chance to win the race and an outside chance to win the title," Coughlin said. "That makes this a really fun weekend no matter how you look at it. Plus, we're in Vegas, so you're already having fun before you ever get in the car.

"It would be great to trim Mike's lead by a few points before eliminations and then get him early and try to take him out. Then it'll pretty much be a shootout between me and Rickie, with both of us keeping an eye on Walsh and Rowe. There are so many possibilities right now and that's exciting."

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JEGS wins Championship in NEW R2B2 Race Cars-built car!


Troy Coughlin didn’t let overwhelming odds deter his determination.

As a result, the Pro Modified driver made his trip for Delaware, Ohio, doubled down and in the end scored the jackpot with his first career NHRA Pro Modified world championship.

Coughlin entered the NHRA Big O Tires Nationals at The Strip in Las Vegas as a longshot, ranked third in the points. He reeled in Rickie Smith, surpassing him based on qualifying points and then defeated Mike Castellana in the second round. Needing to win the event to clinch, Coughlin beat Leah Pruett in the semis and No. 1 qualifier Donnie Walsh in the final round.

The margin of victory in the championship battle was three points.

“Steve Petty and all the guys back at Jegs have done such a fabulous job in making my job much simpler,” said Coughlin. “What a great hot rod and what a great day.”

His victory was made even more special based on the decision to run a new C-6 Corvette for the first time.

“We weren’t going to bring the new car out until next year and then we tested it last week,” said Coughlin, of his new R2B2-built, twin-turbo entry. “I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this thing drives pretty nice. It drives like a bracket car.

“A bracket car is smooth and straight. This thing will spin the tires at half-track going straight at 220 miles per hour, and I said, ‘I’ve never had a car like that before.'

“I just made an executive decision and decided to run this car.”

Coughlin, no stranger to racing, competed in various NHRA sportsman categories before a stint in Pro Stock and later moving into Pro Modified. The deep level of experience paid off nicely.

“We approached the day as we were going to go out and run as fast as we can and not overpower the track,” Coughlin explained. “We wanted to take the day, one race at a time and go up there and just make laps. I knew I needed to get off of the starting line on time and light up the win lights.”

When you’re in the Coughlin bloodline, you are born into a championship tradition. Younger brother Jeggie Coughlin has five series titles and with this victory Troy adds a second crown since winning the NMCA Pro Street title in 2009.

“When Jeggie won his first championship, he had a ring and added a stone to it,” said Coughlin. “Each year he won a championship, he added a stone to it. When I won my championship on the street car series, I added a stone to it. I get to add one and now we have seven stones. It’s so awesome to be a piece of that history with the group of guys we have here.”

Written by Bobby Bennett; Photo by Roger Richards.

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Coughlin Races to Semi-Finals at the US Nationals

Congratulations to the Fiscus/Klugger Racing Team!!